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The Blog

One thing we’ve noticed in the graphic design business is how often photographers feel the need to re-do their websites and branding. It seems like every January an influx of people come to designers needing their help. I’m totally one of those people. Whether you feel the need to create a brand new website or […]

Most of you reading this blog post were born without the internet in your lives. Building a website is second nature. It’s hard. It sucks. Owning a business is difficult enough without having to additionally figure out how to make a website on the internet. If you own a business, you know you need one, […]

For a lot of small business owners, especially creatives, business isn’t intuitive. It takes years to find a workflow and truly understand marketing. When it comes to websites some creatives switch up their websites all the time to adjust for their current work, and some like to create a timeless website that will last awhile before […]

Need a website design template for your photography business? Today I’m going to show you around one of our designs and go over some of its awesome features! This design is Mable. Below you can see a long form screenshot of what it looks like both on your desktop and on your mobile. This template […]

Those of you early-birders who may have installed an Instagram widget (like Lightwidget or Snapwidget) may have noticed lately that the widget has stopped updating, or quit working altogether. As of June 1st of this year, they’ve updated their Terms of Service and API for creating apps that stream their content into your site. Never […]